The repositories differ from biome to biome but their content is always the same: Loot. The most of it can be found in chests and barrels while jugs and crates hold less loot. But never forget: Many a little makes a mickle! One loot to little and you may not get the weapon-upgrade you desire!


These repositories can be found at first and they need to be destroyed in order to get your hands on the loot.

Wood-Crate Ironbound Wood-Crate


Jugs appear in the second biome and have to be destroyed as well as crates to loot there contents.

Clay-Jug Painted Clay-Jug


Barrels turn up in the canals for the first time and they often contain more loot than crates and jugs. First things first: destroy and loot!



There are 4 types of chests, all filled with precious loot. The best part: they contain more loot than all other repositories!

Ironbound Chest Sailor-Chest Stone-Chest Steel-Chest