Right now there are 5 different biomes to play. They constantly become more difficult to run through and change their appearance and size. The creeps and monsters turn stronger and have different abilities from biome to biome. When finished the game will have 10 biomes as well as a second bossfight in the end.

When entering a room, you have to kill ALL enemies before being able to leave it. As soon as it has been cleared you're able to find this room whenever you want to. The doorframes emit a blueish or red shimmering light until your goblin-horde has cleared the room. This way you can instantly see if you've passed a room yet.

Every biome consists of a random disposal and selection of it's rooms:

  • start-room
  • end-room
  • 3 small rooms
  • 2 big rooms

In addition you can find mushrooms to collect as well as repositories with loot.

1. Goblin-Mines

The goblin-mines are the first biom. You always start in the same room, where you can find several repositories and mushrooms. Next to this room you always can find the shop.

Since the mines are the first and the easiest biome, it's inhabited by the least strong enemies like Skeletons, Skeleton Mage, Suicide Rat and Fire Elemental. We have 20 different rooms at the moments, 2 of which are jump'n'run-rooms.


2. Ancestors' Graves

The Ancestors' Graves can be entered by using the first elevator. Loot is located in mugs instead of chests.

In this biome Lava Worms, Stag Beetles and Elven Warrior Ghost appear for the first time. In addition to the Fire Elementals you will find Crystal Elementals.


3. The Canals

The third biome is set in the canals of the elves, where you can find loot in countless alcoves and corners which is placed in chests and barrels.

Instead of searching the ground for mushrooms you should take a glance at the walls as most of them grow there. The Suicide Rats have disappeared and you're now going to be attacked by Giant Rats and Baby Rats as well as Mud Crabs and most of the other enemies from the previous biomes. Fire and Crystal Elementals are gone, though, and Ghosts, too.


4. The Old Prison

Between the tight walls of the old prison you'll encounter terrifying Orcs and the Ghosts are back. In return no Skeletons und Lava Worms appear.


5. The Forge

The forge is the arena for the first big bossfight. Besides the Elven Prince, who is the first real boss, you will have to defeat multiple waves of enemies to finally be victorious and reach the wagons to leave the forge.