Goblins are the greedy little heroes in Looterkings. You control 1 of up to 4 goblins, which try to reach the Elven Queens holy halls as a team.

On the lower left of the screen you find all the important information about your goblin like current gods, cooldowns, LP and weapon-specials.

From left to right:

  • Main-god and cooldwon of your god-ability
  • Ascendant with a circular indicator of your current health
  • Weapon-special and it's cooldown


The health indicator is the red line around your ascendant's symbol. Your goblin has 500 LP which can get restored by eating mushrooms, life-orbs and armor-based regeneration.

If your health reaches 0 LP, your goblin falls to the ground gasping. You're able to move very slowly which can help if you reach a mushroom and eat it which results in partly restored health. Getting kicked by a fellow goblin results in a restoration of your healt by 50% so you can fight again. When all goblins reach 0 LP at the same time, the game is over.


When you jump on a fellow goblin's shoulders (with [E]) you deal more damage together but you are more vulnerable, since both stacked goblins get hit by an enemie's attack. When firing up your god-ability while stacked it deals more and wider damage. Defensive abilities like Heal affect both goblins. By pressing [E] again each goblin can stop the stacking.



Skins are solely for style purposes a goblin can feature. They have no effect on his abilities and do not change the gameplay.


Default skins you can use by going to the Lootery ingame.

Skin 01 Skin 02 Skin 03 Skin 04

ProGamer Pack

These skins are downloadable as a free DLC on Steam.

Skin SgtRumpel Skin Gronkh Skin Sarazar Skin HandOfBlood
wiki:skin:skin_sgtrumpel.jpg wiki:skin:skin_gronkh.jpg wiki:skin:skin_sarazar.jpg wiki:skin:skinhandofblood.png