Looterkings is a procedural dungeon-crawler by looterkings GmbH from Cologne, Germany. The game is early access on Steam at the moment, meaning it's fully playable but still under development with new features and content constantly added.

You take control of a goblin and fight your way from room to room eventually defeating all the spawning enemies. You need to collect loot to buy items such as armor or weapons in the shop. After defeating an enemy you receive experience- and life-orbs. You can play with up to 3 team-members while the amount of loot and enemies scale corresponding to the number of players.

Looterkings is a game where you're not just able to fight monsters on your own or in a group - you even can conntect tactically with a teammate: 2 players can stack onto each other so the both transfer the buffs of their own god-ability to the other. So 2 stacked goblins become a frightening tank daunting all enemies in their way.

Due to collective perma-death (when all players are dead it's over) all players lose everything they have at a game-over. Because of that mean fact replayability is ensured by procedurally generated levels and enemy-spawns. Nonetheless all players retain their respective experience and collected missioncards and are able to buy new weapons and armor when trying again to bring down the elven-king.


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