Official Discord-Server

We provide an official Looterkings-Discord-Server. Join us by following this link:


Our rules are very self-expaining:

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Don't spam.
  • Have fun! :)



There are some text-channels with different purposes; #general is for all players to communicate with each other. YOu can use any language here but English seems to be the best way to reach everyone. #welcome exists to inform every new member about the server. The channel #updates serves you the latest updates and changes to our game. Using #sessionfinder you can find fellow looters to join a game. For any off-topic thoughts and cat-memes use #random.

For the three languages supported by our game we have one text-channel for each: #deutsch (German), #english (English) and #espanol (Spanish). As a default you're allowed to read each of them. To write in one or more of them you need to contact a DiscordMod (with @DiscordMod).


We provide one general voice-channel for everyone and 50 channels for up to 4 members for using during a game-session. In addition we have an AFK-channel you will be put into once you have not been active for more than 15 minutes.


There are different user-roles:

  • de - for german-speaking users.
  • en - for english-speaking users.
  • es - for spanish-speaking.
  • DiscordMod - The mods of the Discord-server. Contact them in case of questions concerning the Discord-server or the user-roles.
  • DEV - Users in that group are devs of Looterkings.
  • Wiki - Users in this group are members of the wiki-team.
  • Bughunter - Users in this group are beta testers. They have a separate text and voice channel for communicating with the DEVs.