In each biome you have a 4 by 1 chance to encounter a miniboss. When you get into a room with one of them, this will be indicated by a short intro.


When you have defeated the miniboss, you'll see a hovering orb. Via this orb you can choose from 4 temporary bonuses which last for this run.


Every single one of the 4 goblin-gods grants access to another bonus even for your current main-god which gets even stronger.


Shaman +50 LP
Shaman main-god +75 LP
Bastard +5% crit
Bastard main-god +7,5% crit
Bruiser +2% armor
Bruiser main-god +3% armor
Jerk +5 damage
Jerk main-god +7 damage


Biome 1 Biome 2 Biome 3 Biome 4
Lava Worm Dead Elven King Golem Orc Slave
Lavawurm Toter Elfen König Golem Ork Sklave

Lava Worm

A huge worm which breaks through the ground, attacks you then digs down and breaks out at another area of the current room.


Live3.000 LP
Shield / Reg200 shield / 70 per sec
Shield damage-reduction75%
Firebreath-attack190 = 120 hits + 70 DPS / fire
Fireball-attack200 AOE / shot

Dead Elven King

An old and cruel elven king who summons elven ghosts to kill you and uses their energy to recharge his own life when needed.


Live7.000 LP
Shieldonly active when healing, indestructible
Shield damage-reductiononly while healing, then 75%
SummoningSummons two ghosts (Ghost of an elven warrior or ghost of an aristocrat)
LivestealSucks dry the LP of the summoned ghosts and heals himself / Protects himself with a shield during this process


An ancient and magical creature consisting of wood and metal eager to kill you with deadly bomb-shots.


Live8.000 LP
Shield / Reg500 shield / 120 per sec
Shield damage-reduction85%
Default attack250 AOE + stun / hit
Shot390 = 150 hit + 240 AOE / shot

Orc Slave

A rogue and sophisticated war machine, enslaved to help out in the elven forge. Hence, angry at everything including you and totally aware of his strength.


Live8.000 LP
Shield / Reg400 shield / 120 per sec
Shield damage-reduction80%
Default attack300 / hit
Stomp attack0 + stun / stomping
Ranged attack30 + stun / shot