Looterkings Changelog v.0.9.8 - 07.04.2017

Twitch Mode:

  • Twitch mode is a new game mode that lets twitch streamers play Looterking together with their audience (see announcement for more info)


  • NatureWorm: The projectile deals less damage and is easier to evade
  • MissionCards: A mission card will no longer be awared when there is only one player
  • Miniboss: The maximum possible probability for a miniboss appearance was lowered to 80% (from 100%)

Bugfixes: This update includes a huge amount of bugfixes for the current state of the game. As always we appreciate feedback about every bug you encounter and encourage you to use the ingame bug report tool to help us further improve the game(press 'J' ingame)

Full Bugfix list (english only):

  • ElvenPrince: ElvenPrince now unfreezes properly when entering special state during freeze
  • ElvenPrince: Fixed rare bug where Teleport Sphere caused screen flickering
  • ElvenPrince: Fixed bug where player were teleported to the empore of the elvenprince instead of to the center
  • Elevator: Fixed bug where player were able to die or enter the shop during black fadeout
  • Elevator: Fixed bug where goblins had the throw-mushroom animation played during end sequence
  • UI/Cutscene: The disconnect UI prompt are now closed properly when entering a cutscene
  • UI/Options: Fixed visual bug where the screen resolution text would be cut off in some situations
  • UI/Nicknames: Fixed bug where extra long nicknames were possible
  • UI/Nicknames: Fixed bug where nicknames kept existing in the world after a player disconnected
  • UI/ServerBrowser: When toggling a filter the scroll view is now set to most top position properly
  • UI/ServerBrowser: „Show Friends“ filter now works properly
  • UI/ServerBrowser: „Hide Full“ filter now works properly
  • UI/ServerBrowser: The late join alarm icon is now deactived if the game is already full
  • UI/Stack: Fixed rare bug where the stack lock icon did not fadeout properly
  • UI/Stack: Fixed bug where nicknames remains in the world after a client in a stack had disconnected
  • UI/Health: The ghost health slider no longer pops from 100% to the current hp after a cutscene
  • UI/Glitch: During glitchmode ui elements are deactivated properly now
  • SaveGames: People can no longer late join to save games instances
  • Statistics: Orks, StoneWorm and FeedMe only counts as one enemy now
  • Resurrection: Player that would be stuck in terrain after resurrection are now placed properly
  • ElvenWarrior: Expanded damage collider to prevent that the attack won't hit a player
  • MissionCards: Fixed bug where numbers instead of the text „failed“ were displayed on the mission card info screen
  • MissionCards: Fixed bug where wrong player names and values were displayed on the mission card info screen
  • Player/Attack: Player do no longer keep attacking when they are aborified during attack
  • Player/Combo: Only default attacks (shooting & hitting) count towards the combo counter
  • Player/Particles: Thrusting weapon's idle particles are now disabled during emotes
  • Player/CandleStaff: The candle also becomes invisibile when entering ghost mode (godability)
  • Player/HatRack: You cannot be stunned or arborified during special anymore (caused bugs)
  • Player/Pitchfork: Balanced special: Paprikas now despawn after 30 seconds to prevent mass paprika placement
  • Player/Pitchfork: Paprikas will no longer be activated by summoned player ghosts
  • Player/Specials: Camera PostPro effects during special are now removed properly when stunned
  • Player/Projectiles: Fixed rare bug causing continous error
  • Player/CameraShakes: Fixed rare bug that occured when a player disconnected during a camera shake
  • TeleportSphere: Fixed bug where player could get stuck inside terrain when orb popped
  • Miniboss: Clients who were stacked before a cutscene no longer disconnect after the cutscene is over
  • Miniboss: Fixed bug where dying during cutscene's initial black fadeout cause error after the cutscene
  • Miniboss: When you disconnect from a game an unused miniboss buff is now removed (fixes reconnection issues)

Looterkings Changelog v0.8.14 - 06.01.2017


  • Happy New Year!
  • Improved Level Loading Duration
  • CamShake for Melee Weapons
  • Improved Looting mechanic
  • Improved Knockback on some Weapons
  • UNITY 5.5 Update
  • added Hand Of Blood-Skin
  • Fixed some Shadow-Problems


  • AttackAnim of MudCrab faster
  • Candle Staff buffed (Special Damage increased by 15)


  • Fixed Level Issues
  • Fixed Sound Issues

Looterkings Changelog


  • MissionCards: DuckAndCover now grants 50%/75%/100% chance for a Level 1 starting weapon instead of a 100% chance for a Level 1/2/3 starting weapon
  • MissionCards: CollectorsEdition start gold reduced from 25/50/75 to 15/25/50
  • MissionCards: LifeOfSuffering bonus armor reduced from 3%/6%/9% to 2%/4%/6%
  • Weapons: Thrusting Weapons lifesteal per level reduced from 15%/17%/19% to 5%/8%/12%
  • Weapons: SawBladeLauncher damage reduced from 75 dmg to 70 dmg
  • Weapons: SawBladeLauncher price increased from 150 to 157
  • Weapons: WoodenClub damage increased from 28 to 34
  • Weapons: Shovel damage increased from 38 to 48
  • Weapons: Shovel price increased from 158 to 185
  • Shovel: Special now breaks shield


  • Fixed missing ghosts on rat and baby rat
  • Fixed some error causing false behaviour when receiving network events
  • Fixed ElvenPrince (boss) does not destroy ghosts when attacking
  • Fixed level issues
  • Fixed warcry for Ork and ElvenPrince during boss cutscene
  • Fixed gallery animation loop
  • Fixed GhostWarrior's gallery warcry to match ingame warcry
  • Fixed not activating idle animation while holding a mushroom
  • Fixed sight range of elven prince inside the arena to also notice player far away from him
  • Fixed range hitbox for StagBeetle. Some range attacks did not hit the target before
  • Fixed StagBeetle attack ghost
  • Fixed ragdoll of GhostWarrior
  • Fixed bug where a player could enter the boss cutscene while crawling
  • Fixed bug where stacked player would cause a disconnect after boss cutscene. Now you can only activate the trigger while not stacking
  • Fixed christmas hats to also dissolve in lava
  • Fixed NoTableLeg special not always hitting baby rats
  • Fixed visual armor display bug in lootery
  • Fixed stats display for mushroom thrown. Now displays the correct amount

Looterkings Changelog v0.8.1 - 20.12.2016

- added Level 05
- added Bossfight
- added Enemy Ork
- added Enemy BabyRat
- added Enemy WarriorGhost
- added Late Join (you now can join a game even when the game has already started and is playing biome 1)
- added Soundtracks / music
- added Credits screen
- added ingame infopanel for the current status of the mission Cards („C“)
- added chatmessage to show when a player leaves the game or a new player connects
- added Achievement when killing the Boss
- added chatcommands (only for the host: /kick [player], for all: /list /man /reset)

- Shop: Items in shop are now sorted by price
- UI: Session browser now has a red latejoin symbol to indicate the possability of a late join; To prevent this set a password for the server
- AI: Player and ghosts now have a max target count. Now a player gets attacked only by 3 enemies, as long as there are other players around
- Balancing: Paprikas can now be picked up to self resurrect; same as mushrooms
- Balancing: Projectiles of all sorts now fly through ghosts
- Balancing: Nerfed Pitchfork
- Balancing: Nerfed Ghosts

- fixed Level issues
- fixed Player reconnecting in quick succession
- fixed MissionCard text not changing when the card flips
- fixed MissionCard „StunShroom“ not counting right
- fixed MissionCard textures
- fixed Player continuing with the stack attack animation and dmg after stack release
- fixed enemys spawning before the particle effect that indicates the spawning
- fixed Sound Issues
- fixed wrong textures on Skeleton_Mage and FireElementar when freezed or arborified
- fixed dissolve on proGamer skins
- fixed Bugreport in Level05
- fixed Chat Issues
- fixed UI Error for weapon special
- fixed DeadEnds overlapping with the room
- fixed Bugreport disableing the courser in the mission card outro
- fixed Chests moving into the wall
- fixed mushroom hit not beeing counted correctly in the lootery
- fixed bug preventing people from steam joining into password protected lobbies
- fixed levelUp messages after maxLevel
- fixed WormStone having particles when underground
- fixed loot stealing not scaling correctly
- fixed many more minor Bugs

Looterkings Changelog v0.7.83 - 09.11.2016

- You now have the ability to chat ingame with your teammates

- Fixed bug where the client would sometimes not see the AOE Attack Particles of the Skeleton Mage
- The aiming assist will now be disabled when targeting a destructable
- Removed Halloween event stuff
- Fixed Level Issues
- Fixed BugUI not working correctly when mission Cards are shown
- Fixed Crystal Elementar Particles
- Fixed MainUI SavePrompt not showing Options

- Fixed SawBlade Special Projecticle not breaking armor
- Increased freeze Time when stacked

Looterkings Changelog v.7.76 - 26.10.2016

Halloween Event
- In order to celebrate Halloween there are some specials
- Loot drops are replaced by sweet Halloween candies
- There are secret deadends that hide an exclusive Halloween helmet

New Enemy: Crystal Elemental
- The new elemental has a meele attack and a furious range attack
- It appears only in the second biome

- Fixed bug where a UINews would not be deactivated when the main gui was hidden (i.e. showing Statspanel)
- Bonus damage caused by the mission card will now be calculated per weapon (not per projectile)
- Fixed rare bug that caused erros when disconnecting during a combat melee hit
- Fixed rare bug where the shop interaction symbol („E“) stay active even outside the interaction range
- Fixed rare bug where the lock symbol and the „new nickname“ text would not fade out completely
- Fixed that sound was muffled during mission card outro
- Fixed swing sound not playing
- Fixed level issues
- Minor fixes

Looterkings Changelog v.7.68 - 20.10.2016

- for every biome, there is a mission card available (only with 2 or more player) which will grant persitent benefits to the player
- the mission card is awarded at the end of the biome to the player with the highest score
- Each mission card has 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To upgrade your card, you need to collect points. Each time you receive a MissionCard, depending on the level you are in, you will accumulate points until reaching the next tier.

- Goblins will activate their rage mode when their hp falls below 20% in combat. This effect can only be used every 60 seconds and will only occur with sword/daggers as weapons.

- enemies now have armor which replenish over time. With this armor they have a 75% damage reduction
- ArmorBreak: once the armor reaches 0%, it breaks and the enemy receives 100% damage again (instead of only 25%)
- ArmorBreak: WeaponSpecials will break the shield instantly

- the fire elemental now has a special range attack which he uses when a target cannot be reached otherwise

- EnemyParticles: particles disappear when the enemy dies, not when it is removed from the world
- Improved Mockerystate: enemies will check at the beginning of the mockery state if another attack is suitable and use it instantly if available
- Combat AOE: AOE damage calculation reworked. The distance to the line from head to toe is now used. You should hit mutiple worms with mushrooms and specials now (when targeting the head)
- AI: „blind spots“ fixed. Enemies will no longer stop their chasing when stating in certain areas inside a room
- AI damage: enemies will no longer hit with every hitbox on every attack. This caused the rat to deal damage with its tail when biting an enemy and vice versa
- Healthdrops/Movement: Healthdrops do no longer have a collider. This caused the player to step over them right after an enemy kill
- Mudcrab: animations fixed
- sound: barrels without loot now play sounds properly

Looterkings Changelog v.7.56 - 04.10.2016

- buttons in the „Do you want to save“-Message in the options have re-appeared.
- The game won't freeze after the final screen.

Looterkings Changelog v.7.54 - 30.09.2016

- minor level issues
- animation of second thrusting weapon corrected

- Ragemode buffed for Daggers and Swords: during Ragemode you will get extra heal (15/hit) and extra armor (+50% [max 75%])
- Aladdins Yoga-Pants buffed: 27% from 15%

- Bug Report Tool has been updated to send automated ErrorMsgs

Looterkings Changelog v.7.48 - 26.09.2016

- boxes: loot-sounds only play when loot is in the destructible
- Esc closes all menus
- some rooms have been reworked to eliminate spaces where monsters could not get to/in
- when entering a new run after finishing the game, camera will no longer be frozen
- correction of the calculation of armor/damage-values
- minor level fixes

- thrusting weapons now all have Lifesteal
- thrusting weapons now all do more damage when doing a combo (was 1/1/2, now 1/1.2/2.4)
- CandleStaff special will now spawn further away from player
- Ka-Rotten nerfed: heal nerfed to 150 (was 250)
- Simple Fork buffed: special now does 330 damage (was 150)

- Goblins that are on their knees now can eat a mushroom to revive themselves
- Steam Cloud Save should be working now
- If you play alone in the mines, you will be noticed twice if a lobby opens. Press F1 to join from ingame.

Looterkings Changelog v.7.39 - 20.09.2016

- The Lava Worm is back! We had it deactivated because of his porting and uncontrolled digging. Now he will stay where he is and attacks as long as there are enemies in reach and/or he has not received a certain amount of damage.
- the time the Lava Worm can be underground has been reduced to 1-4s (was 3 to 6)
- fixed an issue with the fireball when the Worm was dying.
- Aladdin's Yoga Pants now have the correct amount of armor: 15%
- mushrooms do not count for the Combo-Counter
- the statspanel now shows the armor in % correctly
- shopfix: the unequip button has now the correct image

Looterkings Changelog v.7.35 - 16.09.2016

This is a BIG balancing update. We have rebalanced armors and hats - they now will not have an absolute value of armor but a percentage. Also, the diversity is much greater, while enemies have been buffed, so that armor and hats will have a more promonent role in strategical selection of equipment.

- armor will now be calculated in percentage (not in absolute values)
- double XP drops
- ArmorValues buffed (a lot!)
- armor cost more
- enemy eamage + health scales correctly with biom
- Godablities now scale correctly with Biome ( more dmg in higher bioms)
- Stackdamage multiplier nerfed to x2.5 (from x3)
- StagBeetle nerfed: they stay longer in staggermode
- StagBeetle buffed: more Damage
- MudCrab buffed: more ranged damage
- Rat AttackDamage buffed
- StarterCrossbow nerfed to 25 (was 35)
- loot will now scale linear with the players

- GodAbility-Ready sound
- sound of StagBeetle-Punch
- several sounds reworked

- level issues
- We know now what is causing flickering in Biom 3 + 4. Please report any remaining flickers.
- enemies now die in lava again (Hotfix)
- enemies shouldn't get into a state where they receive no damage
- Lavadeath + Escape should now change to the right CameraState
- throwing mushrooms should now leave the throwing-state on ALL instances
- AttackGhost should not go into Warcry anymore when spawing, but attacks right away
- SuicideRat explodes correctly
- hiccup in lobby when clicking on „Ready“ the first time
- shopcamera posteffects are now correct
- there should now be only one savegame per group
- loot given by „Pimp“-emote doesn't count as stolen

Looterkings Changelog v.7.21 - 07.09.2016

- the Chatwheel has been implemented!

- GodAbility Invisibility+Heal nerfed to 150 (from 250)
- GodAbility Invincibility+Heal nerfed to 150 (from 250)
- GodAbility Blades nerfed: duration in stack mode to 5s (from 10s)
- WoodenClub nerfed: heal reduced to 100 (from 200)
- Ka-Rotten nerfed: heal reduced to 250 (from 500)
- NormalRat buffed: life 800 (from 600)
- StagBeetle nerfed: life 600 (from 800)
- MudCrab nerfed: shield duration 3s (from 5s)

Looterkings Changelog v.7.14 - 02.09.2016

- improved the support for aspect ratio 4: 3 in the options menu
- the options „invert y-axis“ and „force port“ are now saved properly
- SkeletonMage was reenabled as an possible enemy type
- Ruicide Rat explodes properly
- hotfix (from v.0.7.13): the transition in biome 2 and above are working again
- fixed level issues