Mushrooms in Looterkings are blessing or curse. Some species heal you, others poison your goblin. At full health every goblin can carry up to 3 Mushrooms - no matter if poisonous or healthy.

Nonetheless, mushrooms are easily perishable which can be recognized when they start to bloat. While bloated they get poisonous and spread there spores when bursting. Given this condition mushrooms can be used as weapons by throwing them [Middle- / Scrollbutton] at enemies and fellow goblins alike in order to stun them for a short period of time.

Stunned goblins

When your goblin got hit by a thrown mushrooms or has eaten a poisonous one he becomes an easy target - not only for enemies but for your fellows as well. Every goblin in your reach can press [E] to rob your loot. So be cautious!

Each goblin can rob a fellow goblin once during his stun period. The amount of loot depends on the given biome.

  • Biome 1-3: 10 Loot per stun per player
  • Biome 4: 20 Loot per stun per player

Mushroom species